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At Fry Carpet and Upholstery, we use hot water extraction (aka steam cleaning) for all of our carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs. That’s because it’s the best method to clean tough stains and dirt while removing 90% of the moisture from the affected area. When we’re finished using the hot water extraction method, you’re left with new-looking carpet that dries quickly. In addition to our carpet cleaning capabilities, we are also a licensed Scotchgard representative. If you have areas in need of Scotchgard services, give us a call.

Are You Dealing With Water Damage? Fry Carpet and Upholstery Offers Water Damage Restoration Services in Kirksville, MO

Water damage in your home or business can be stressful, overwhelming and even scary. Before you panic, take a deep breath and call Fry Carpet and Upholstery. Don’t try to restore water damage yourself, as you might end up making the problem worse or hurting yourself. We can take care of the problem and restore your space to working order in a timely manner.

We are happy to work directly with your insurance agency to handle your claim and restore your property quickly. Did you know you have the option to choose any restoration company, not just the one your insurance recommends? You have the choice, so tell them you want Fry Carpet and Upholstery cleaning to come and fix your water damage. We have three decades of water damage restoration experience.

Refresh Your Furniture With Upholstery Cleaning Services from Fry Cleaning and Upholstery in Kirksville, MO

When you think of a clean house, you might think of mopped floors, tidy spaces and sparkling windows. An important part of deep cleaning that is often overlooked is having your furniture professionally cleaned. Fabric absorbs durst, dust, dander and odors over time, just like your carpet. So while the rest of your home may be squeaky clean, you might be sitting on a year’s worth of dust! When you’re ready to have your furniture cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaner, call Fry Carpet and Upholstery. 

Regular cleaning to remove dust and dirt buildup is important, but sometimes there’s a specific spill or stain requiring more detailed attention. If you’ve spilled red wine on  your count, ink spots on your chair or oil on your ottoman – don’t worry. We can remove just about any stain or spot. Investing in professional upholstery cleaning can restore your furniture to its original condition, and extend the life of your pieces. 

We have experience working with all types of fabrics, and will choose the best method based on the condition of the fabric and the material it’s made of.

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